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Professional Development Grant
The Jane Harriman Hall Award for Outstanding Service to the Classical Association of Virginia
The Wayne W. Wray CAV Student Scholarship
The Lurlene W. Todd Teacher of the Year Award
The Angela P. Lloyd Book Award

Professional Development Grant 2019

The CAV will award up to $300 each year, either to one individual or as three separate $100 grants, to help defray the costs of participating in professional development activities such as FLAVA, ACL, CAMWS, ACTFL, APA/AIA or study abroad.  


-The professional development activity must relate to classics.

-The recipient must be a teacher of Latin or Greek.

-The recipient must be a member of the Classical Association of Virginia.

To apply, go to  DEADLINE:  August 31

The winner will be announced at the fall CAV meeting.

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The Jane Harriman Hall Award for Outstanding Service
to the Classical Association of Virginia 2019

The  Executive Committee of CAV is pleased to announce a new award. Through the generosity of Jane Hall, the Jane Harriman Hall Award for Outstanding Service to the Classical Association of  Virginia will recognize a member for service to the organization.

This award of $500 will be given annually to a CAV member who throughout his/her career has provided exemplary service to the association. Nominations may be made to the Past President at this email address  ( or any member of the Executive Committee by February 1 each year. The selection committee, consisting of the Past President and the two at-large members of the Executive Committee, will make a recommendation to the Executive Committee for approval. The Award will be announced at the Spring Meeting.

We are grateful to Jane for her generous gift and her desire to recognize one of our members. Please consider making a nomination with supporting information.

Past Recipients

2018:  Linda Montross (National Latin Exam, retired)
2017:  Jon Mikalson (University of Virginia)
2016:  Wayne Wray (retired)
2015:  Susan Schearer (Classical Cottage School)
2014:  Mark Keith (Riverbend High School)
2013:  Sally Davis (retired)

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The Wayne W. Wray CAV Student Scholarship 2019

Information and Application Form (word)

Information and Application Form (pdf)

The Classical Association of Virginia is pleased to offer this scholarship for Latin students thanks to a generous gift from Wayne W. Wray. This $500.00 scholarship will be awarded to the student who most exemplifies the principle on which our organization was founded almost a century ago: a love of and the promotion of the classics.

Any CAV member may nominate any student who is taking or has completed four or more years of Latin (wherever that may fall – 10th, 11th, or 12th grade). Should a sophomore or junior be selected, the scholarship will be held for disbursement until his/her senior year.

 - The committee will keep materials for underclass nominees but does ask that teachers update and renew their information and approval. -

There may be more than one nominee per school. This scholarship is not based on financial need. CAV is looking for a student who is passionate about Latin and has demonstrated enthusiasm on every level: in his daily classroom work, participation in club activities, and promotion of Latin within his school and/or community. While participation in CAV (and other) contests is preferred, the primary focus of this scholarship remains the student’s ability to “spread the word” about classics and encourage others to study Latin.

The name of the recipient will be announced at the Spring CAV meeting. Please be sure to include all items listed below; incomplete applications will not be considered. Return the completed application and recommendations, postmarked (via ground mail) or received (via electronic means) no later than March 15, 2019 to:

Donald Brewster
4 Woodberry Station
Woodberry Forest, VA  22989

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The Lurlene W. Todd Teacher of the Year Award 2019

Award Information (word) | Award Information (pdf)

The CAV is proud to announce the creation of The Lurlene W. Todd Teacher of the Year Award to recognize our outstanding Latin teachers and professors in Virginia. This award is made possible through the generous donation of Wayne W. Wray in honor of his own Latin teacher, Lurlene Walker Todd. Wayne is an outstanding teacher in his own right who recently retired from Stafford High School in Fredericksburg.

Past Recipients

2018:  Susan Schearer, Classical Cottage School
2017:  Laura Joyner, Lylburn Middle School
2016:  not awarded
2015:  Eric Casey, Sweet Briar College
2014:  not awarded
2013:  Patrick Bradley, Rockbridge County High School
2012: Howard Chang, Flint Hill School
2011: Ian Hochberg, St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School
2010: Katherine "Sue" Robertson, Midlothian High School
2009: not awarded
2008: Amy Cohen, Randolph College
2007: Andrew Becker, Virginia Tech
2006: Deborah Mason, Altavista High School
2005: Gregory Daugherty, Randolph-Macon College

All teachers and professors of Classics who have taught successfully for at least three years in a public or private school (elementary, middle, high, college, or university) in Virginia and who are members in good standing of the Classical Association of Virginia by November 1 of the academic year of the award competition.

The criteria for this award are similar to those used for the Society for Classical Studies Awards for Excellence in Teaching at the Pre-collegiate Level. Applications are evaluated on at least four of the following factors:

  • Evidence of the success, size, and growth of the teacher's program;

  • Examples of innovative and creative classroom activity;

  • Evidence of improved student learning;

  • Significant numbers of students who continue their study of the classics at the next available level;

  • Examples of outreach and promotion of the classics inside and outside of the teacher's institution;

  • Evidence of the teacher's professional service and profession development;

  • Student success in contests and competitions, especially those offered by the CAV;

  • Examples of student travel and field trips which enhance learning and promote the program;


The nominee (or nominators) must submit a nomination packet (in one PDF document) containing the following materials:

1.  Cover page including these elements:
                   Lurlene W. Todd Teaching Award Dossier for ________________
                   Position:  _________________________
                   School or college:  __________________
                   Nominated by:  ____________________
                   Current school year:  20_____ - 20_____

2.  Bulleted list of accomplishments/award/activities - e.g. new teaching assignments; student accomplishments; exciting things instructor did; activities in school, after school, at conferences, with or without students, etc. (max 1 page)

3.  Nomination letter (max. 2 pages)

4.  Optional supplementary materials - e.g. instructor's teaching statement on beliefs and practices of teaching (1 page), notes from students/parents/colleagues, samples of teaching materials or activities, details of course design, etc. (total optional materials - max. 2-3 pages)

Nominations are due on April 2, 2019. Send completed application with the nomination form attached to:

Prof. Trudy Becker
    Chair, Lurlene W. Todd Committee

1) The three Award committee members shall be appointed for overlapping three year terms by the CAV President. The senior member will serve as the chair. All members of the committee will receive copies of the Nomination Packet with all supporting documents.

2) Each member of the committee will read the documents and rank the nominees.

3) The committee will meet in person or by e-mail to compare notes, discuss nominees, select a winner and notify the Executive Board by way of the CAV President.

4) The committee chair will arrange for an appropriate certificate and plaque.

1) The Winner will be notified that he/she has won and invited to attend the Spring CAV meeting where a plaque and check is presented. If the winner is unable to attend, a CAV officer or representative should present the award at the School or some other public venue, such as a school board meeting.

2) The winner's school, school district, and local paper will be notified of the award.

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The Angela P. Lloyd Book Award 2019

This award is named after another distinguished CAV member, Angela Lloyd.  Nominations for THE ANGELA LLOYD BOOK AWARD FOR 2019 are open from September 15, 2018 through April 2, 2019. The nominated teacher should:

  • Be a secondary school teacher in Virginia (public or private)

  • Demonstrate commitment to teaching

  • Demonstrate excellence in teaching

  • Be a member of the Classical Association of Virginia

  • Participate in CAV meetings or has students who participate in CAV contests

Any colleague, supervisor, student or former student, parent of a student of a CAV member, or member of the CAV may submit a name for consideration by completing the application form and submitting an accompanying letter of nomination. Please limit your comments to one page, if possible, and do not exceed two pages.   Here is the link for the nomination.

You may submit a micro-nomination by providing whatever information you can via this online form.

The completed application should be emailed as attachments by midnight on April 2, 2019, to:

Lori Kissell

Application Form and Criteria: Word        PDF

The recipient will receive books, which he/she has selected, and they will be presented at the CAV meeting in the spring of 2019.

Past Recipients
2018:  Amy Petersen (Midlothian High School, Chesterfield, VA)
2017:  Jim Bigger (McLean High School, McLean, VA)
2016:  Deanna Solomon (Classical Cottage School, Charlottesville, VA)
2015:  Andrea Weiskopf (River Bend Middle School, Sterling, VA)
2014:  Donna Dollings (James River High School, Chesterfield, VA)
2013:  Adam Williams (Flint Hill School, Oakton, VA)
2012: Linda Wagstaff (Monacan High School, Chesterfield, VA)
2011: Alana Lukes (Paul VI Catholic High School, Fairfax, VA)
2010: not awarded
2009: Patty Lister (Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, Alexandria, VA)
2008: Howard Chang (Flint Hill School, Oakton, VA)
2007: Mark Keith (Riverbend High School, Fredericksburg, VA)
2006: Marianthe Colakis (Covenant School, Charlottesville, VA)
2005: Laurie Covington (Flint Hill School, Oakton, VA)
2004: David Winn (Spotsylvania Middle School, Spotsylvania, VA)
2003: Kevin Gushman (Yorktown High School, Arlington, VA; Governor's Latin Academy)
2002: Margaret Grayson (Northcross School, Roanoke, VA)
2001: Jane Hall (Mary Washington College, Fredericksburg, VA; National Latin Exam)
2000: Linda Sharrard Montross (James Madison High School, Vienna, VA)
1999: Elizabeth "Betty" Merrill (James Monroe High School, Fredericksburg, VA)
1998: Yola Lambert (Lord Botetourt High School, Roanoke, VA)
1997: Susan Schearer (John Handley High School, Winchester, VA)
1996: Sally Davis (Arlington City Schools, Arlington, VA)
1995: Christine Sleeper (Herndon High School, Herndon, VA)
1994: Carter S. Drake (Rockbridge County High School, Lexington, VA)
1993: Katherine T. "Sue" Robertson (Midlothian High School, Midlothian, VA)
lloyd winners
Past and present winners of the Angela Lloyd Book Award
pose for a group shot at the 2004 Spring Meeting.

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