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All individuals who have an active interest in the teaching of Latin, Greek, and the classics in Virginia are invited to become members of the Classical Association of Virginia.

CAV meets twice annually and traditionally sponsors an annual Latin tournament and essay contests. Active members gain and share ideas, support, and camaraderie. CAV prides itself in the comfortable and open relationship which exists between its members on the college and secondary (high/middle school) levels.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Classical Association of Virginia, please send a completed membership form along with $15.00 dues ($20.00 after Nov. 1st).

N.B. Membership is FREE to full-time undergraduate and graduate students, and it is FREE for one year to new members.  A LIFETIME membership is available for a one-time payment of $300.00.

Please send form and payment, made out to The Classical Association of Virginia, to:

Andrea Weiskopf
43346 Greyswallow Terrace
Ashburn, VA 20147

N.B. Membership renewals have dropped over the last several years. Membership renewals are needed to maintain our annual budget. If you have not renewed, please send registration forms and a check to the treasurer.

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Membership Documents

Here are documents that you can use to join the CAV.  The membership brochure is informative and can be distributed to teachers in a regional organization or at a city-wide meeting.  The membership form can simply be filled out and returned to the treasurer.

                    Membership Brochure (will be updated soon)               2017-18 Generic Membership Form

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Q: When are dues due?

A: At the start of the academic year-as soon as possible after you receive the fall newsletter in August. The fall newsletter contains a form to submit with your dues.

Q: Where do I send dues?

A: Send them to the treasurer. The address is always with the form in the fall newsletter. If you misplace the form, check the list of officers on the inside cover of every newsletter. If you misplace the newsletter, or if you just prefer to be "e," the CAV webpage has all the information you need, including addresses and a membership form.

Q: Is there a special deal for first-time members?

A: There certainly is! The first year of membership is free, Free, FREE. Membership is also free for full-time undergraduates and graduate students.  Just submit the form in the newsletter or on the web to the treasurer. Spread the word to the new hires in your school or area. This deal is also good for people who always meant to join but never quite got around to it. Again, spread the word.

Q: Why is the price of lunch so high at the semi-annual meetings?

A: This is probably the most frequently asked question I get, and indeed $21 does seem high for a lunch. Keep in mind, however, that the $21 also pays for the coffee and donuts during the registration portion of each meeting and for any special set-up charges a school may make for serving us morning coffee or lunch. Sometimes the total bill comes right to $21 a head, sometimes it's a little more, and sometimes it's less. The total depends on the location of the meeting and the local charges. Since some schools offer a lower price per head if the school ends up serving a certain number of people, it's usually impossible to predict exactly how much the total charges are going to be. We therefore simply aim to keep our costs to $21 per head at most, and we charge accordingly. The CAV Executive Committee is well aware that many people share in the morning coffee who do not also sign up for lunch. It has decided not to charge separate fees for coffee and lunch, however, with the understanding that everyone wants some time to mingle and that the best mingling takes place with everyone there. If the number of people who come to morning coffee starts exceeding that of people who sign up for lunch, a different system of charges will have to be put into place.

Q: Okay, I understand why the price of lunch is so high, but my school will not reimburse me that much for a lunch. Can't CAV work things in a different way?

A: There is already a solution at hand. Note that the registration form for these meetings (see "Option A" on the form) refers to the $21 fee as for "Meeting Registration & Lunch." Submit only that part of the form to your school. In addition, the treasurer is always happy to write an official CAV receipt for your $15 at the meeting.

Q: How are the dues used?

A: The dues pay for the newsletters; for the web page; for an occasional CAV reception at other meetings (at FLAVA, for example, or at CAMWS if it's held in Virginia); for some of the expenses the speakers at CAV meetings incur; and for an occasional contribution towards a special project to promote Classics (such as the Augusta County Institute for Classical Studies).

Q: What if I don't get a newsletter?

A: If you have not received a newsletter by the first week of September, December, April, or June, something is wrong. Let the newsletter editor or treasurer know as soon as possible.

Q: Where do I send a change of address?

A: To the treasurer.

Q: Have we missed any FAQs?

A: I don't think so, but if we have, send YOUR question to the treasurer.

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