Saturday, September 30, 2006
Minutes of the Business Meeting
University of Virginia

President Greg Daugherty called the meeting to order at 10:16 in the auditorium of Minor Hall.  There were 40 members present.

Secretary Linda Montross read the minutes of the spring meeting.  They were approved as read.  Greg announced that in the future the minutes of this meeting will be posted on the website.

Treasurer Max Meador gave his report.  The current balance is  $13,447.87. The report is attached to these minutes.  The treasurer’s report was approved as presented.

Greg reported on the proceedings of the Executive Committee.  Our focus this year will be on membership.  We will produce a new CAV brochure and distribute an  information sheet to all.  This will be a major effort in the hopes of producing an accurate membership list.

Julie Anne Herrick has resigned her position as Awards Chair, Historian, and Centennial Chair.  The new Historian will be Lea Ann Grassel.  The other two positions will be announced soon.

The centennial year of the CAV will be the academic year 2010-2011.  CAV is one of the oldest of the state classical associations.

Greg read a tribute to Stuart Wheeler, past CAV president and professor at the University of Richmond.  He recently died of cancer.  We observed a moment of silence in his memory.

Laurie Covington announced the formation of committees for the three CAV awards, i.e., Angela Lloyd, Lurlene Todd, and Wayne Wray awards.  The Angela Lloyd Book Award is given for service to CAV and a lifetime in the profession. 

The topics for the Latin Essay contest will appear in the newsletter.

Patrick Bradley announced the topics for the Classical Essay contest as follows:

Division I:         What makes a great mythological story?

            Division II:        Why I would (or would not) want to be a Roman.

Division III:       “It’s all Greek to me!”:  The influence of Greek culture on the Romans.

Division IV:     

Cicero:             Cicero the Entertainer:  How Cicero entertains while arguing his case in the Pro Caelio.

Vergil:              “When I paint my masterpiece”: Vergil’s visual artistry in

                        the Aeneid

Ovid:                “Corinna, Corinna!”:  The poet’s strategies for winning his beloved in the Amores.

Lyric:                “quidquid hoc libelli”: Why did Catullus seem so insecure about his poetry?       

In the future we will try to publish the best essay on the website.

Susan Schearer thanked Amy Peterson and Julie Anne Herrick for their service to the Tournament last year as Registrar and Awards Chair.  Salle Ann Schlater-Gill will continue as chief proof reader. She asked for five volunteers to assist with the proof reading.  Susan will try to analyze the  2006 exams statistically.

Among the introductions today were Janet Siegel who will replace Wayne Tucker at Hampden Sydney and  Theresa Cavanaugh from  Arlington County, and Greg ?, a colleague of Marianthe Colakis at The Covenant School.

The following announcements were made:

Dan McCaffrey announced the Latin Immersion weekend on October 27-29 at the Sheraton Richmond West.  The entire event is supported by the state and sponsored by CAV.  The topic of the weekend is Transition to Literature.

The RMC Saturday Seminar will be December 2. 

Each participant will receive a CD of Graves Thompson’s cartoons.

FLAVA will meet October 13-14 at the Holiday Inn-Koger Center in Midlothian.  There will be a CAV luncheon on Saturday.

Jon Mikalson reported on the CAV Placement Service.  There were 22 applicants for 15 jobs, 10 or which were in private schools.

Kevin Perry, Director of the Governor’s Latin Academy, announced that this summer  will be the 20th anniversary of the Academy.  There will be some sort of event honoring the teachers who served at the Academy.

Sally Davis announced that she will teaching a course at UVA in Summer, 2007.

Wayne Tucker reported on the Mediterranean Society trip in April and the meeting on October 7 where Ward Jones will be the speaker.

Amy Peterson, co-chair of VJCL, reported that the convention will be Nov 19-20, and the NJCL will be in Knoxville July 23-29. There were 139 Virginia students at the convention in Indiana this past summer.

Mark Keith announced that NLE 2007 applications were in the lobby.  He encouraged members to check out the website.

Jenny Clay reported on the APA, and remarked that there were 3 current and former APA board members at today’s CAV meeting.

Linda Montross reminded members that nominees for the ACL Meritus/Merita awards are due by February 15.  The application is on the website.

There was a brief break followed by the morning’s paper “Scholarship in the Ciceronian Classroom”  presented by James May of St. Olaf College.

Following a box lunch which was eaten by many on the seats of the amphitheater under a lovely fall sky, Greg welcomed all to the afternoon session. 

Caroline Vandervelde of the Steward School in Richmond presented “Greek Games: How to Host a (Semi) Authentic Event at your School”

The final presentation was “Ovid’s Hesiod” by UVA graduate student Zoe Stamatopoulou.

The spring meeting of CAV will be held at RMC on May 5, 2007.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:13  and we proceeded to the new Classics Department offices in the newly renovated Cocke Hall.

Respectfully submitted,
Linda S. Montross