Saturday, October 20, 2007

Minutes of the Business Meeting

University of Virginia



President Greg Daugherty called the meeting to order at 10:25 in the South Meeting Room of Newcomb Hall.  There were 27 members present.


The minutes of the spring meeting have been posted on the website.  There were no corrections or additions to those minutes.


Treasurer Max Meador gave his report which is attached to these minutes.


Greg announced that the Executive Committee met “online” and he gave the following report regarding its actions:


The Executive Committee approved $100 donation to the National Committee for Latin and Greek. 


Greg appointed a committee (Cheryl Ryan, Max Meador, Laurie Covington and Greg Daugherty, ex officio ) to look into reproducing the newsletter as the VEA has informed CAV that they will discontinue printing and mailing the newsletters.  For this year Greg is reproducing it at his college.


The celebration of the CAV centennial will be during 2010-2011.  Co-chairs will be Wayne Tucker and Cathy Daugherty.  They will recruit two more members.


Greg recognized Arthur Stocker for his long term service as Chair of the Latin Essay Contest.


Vice-President Laurie Covington announced the following regarding CAV awards:

            Kevin Gushman will chair the Angela Lloyd Book Award

            Vanessa Zeiner will chair the Lurlene Todd Teaching Award

            Kevin Perry will chair the Wayne Wray student award.


The deadline for these awards will be April 1, 2008.


John Miller announced the topics for the Latin Essay Contest as follows:

            First Year Latin:  De Foro Romano

            Second Year Latin:  De illo inimicissimo imperatore Hannibale

            Advanced Latin:  De regionibus infernos mythologicis


In the absence of Patrick Bradley Linda Montross read the topics which Patrick had selected for the Classical Essay Contest as follows:

            Division I:  Roman Travel

            Division II:  Roman Education

Division III:  “The Last Bloody Century”:  Political Violence and the End of

the Roman Republic

            Division IV:

                        Vergil:  Memory in the Aeneid

                        Ovid:     Lover as Soldier in Amores I.9

                        “Vale, puella!”:  Letting go in Catullus 8 and 11


Susan Schearer announced that the Tournament will take place during the week of March 31-April 4.  The deadline for registration will be February 23, 2008.


There were several new attendees introduced.


The following announcements were made:


The spring CAV meeting will be Saturday, May 3 at the College of William and Mary.


Randolph-Macon’s Saturday seminar will be December 1.


The Second Annual Latin Immersion Weekend in September was a huge success with a total of 38 participants.  This is an official CAV sponsored function, funded by the State Department of Education.


Jon Mikalson announced that there were 15 available teaching jobs in Virginia, but he had the fewest number of applicants for these jobs.


Wayne Tucker reported on the Tidewater section (Virginia and North Carolina) of CAMWS.  There is funding available through CAMWS for a variety of activities sponsored by members.  CAMWS-Southern Section meets in the fall of 2008.  CAMWS meets in Tucson AZ April 17-19, 2008. Greg Daugherty currently serves as its president.


Mark Keith urged the membership to check the website.  There is an e-mail directory posted on it although it may contain old addresses.  He will post announcements of a classical nature under the section Classics in the Commonwealth. 


Mark Keith, Vice Chairman of the National Latin Exam, announced that Virginia is in  second place behind Massachusetts for the number of participants; New York is in third. 


Fred Franko announced for Kevin Perry that Virginia Commonwealth University will again host the  Governor’s Latin Academy June 22-July 13, 2008.  Information is on the Department of Education website. 


Fred also announced that Hollins will host Classical Symposium on March 13.  The theme is dangerous liaisons; Martin Winkler  and Monica Cyrino are speakers


Linda Montross announced that ACL will be held in New Hampshire in June 27-29,

2008.  Among last year’s ACL Meritus awardees were Susan Schearer, Rick LaFleur, Shelley Haley and Judith de Luce.


Following a brief break Niall Slater of Emory University spoke on “Nero’s Cultural Politics.”  (By this time there were more than 40 attendees..)


Following a prepaid lunch in the Commonwealth Room of Newcomb Hall the afternoon speakers were ACTFL’s Martha Abbott (“Advocating for the Classics:  Timing is Everything!”) and Elizabeth Baughan of the University of Richmond (“Klinai in the Archaic World:  From Symposium to Tomb”)


A reception was held in Cocke Hall.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:00.


Respectfully submitted,


Linda Sharrard Montross