Saturday, September 20, 2008

Minutes of the Business Meeting

South Meeting Room, Newcomb Hall

University of Virginia


President Laurie Covington called the meeting to order at 10:27.


She thanked Jon Mikalson and John Miller for their assistance in making the arrangements for the fall meeting.


As the minutes are posted on the website, it was moved and seconded to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the spring meeting.


Treasurer Max Meador gave his report which is attached to these minutes.  The current balance of all accounts is $14, 965.38.  The report was approved.


Laurie announced the following actions from Friday evening’s Executive Board Meeting.

Treasurer Max Meador will look into alternative savings plan as the CAV Centennial approaches.  Newsletter Editor Cathy Daugherty will begin charging fees of $50 per quarter page for the placement of ads in our newsletter.  Website Editor Mark Keith will begin an update to our e-mail directory.


Laurie thanked Cathy for her outstanding work on the CAV Newsletter.


In Ian Hochberg’s absence Laurie reported that the Latin Tournament will be March 30-April 3, 2009.  Linda Wagstaff is the registrar.  All writers for 2009 are busy working on the exams.  He is seeking writers for the 2010 exams.  This is the last year for the Catullus exam; there is no Cicero exam.


Laurie announced that a College Faculty Colloquium will be organized by College Board to assess the status of the AP Latin exam.  The door may be open to a different exam every year. 


A suggestion was made that the CAV offer another test to offset the loss of the AP Literature exam.


Andy Becker, VP and Awards Chairman announced that his committee is as follows:

Vanessa Zeiner chairs the Lurlene Todd award for outstanding teaching.

Kevin Perry chairs the Wayne Wray award.      As Director of the Governor’s Latin Academy Kevin put information about this award in the envelope of the attendees with their certificates.

Kevin Gushman chairs the Angela Lloyd Book award.


Patrick Bradley, Director of the Classical Essay Contest, announced the deadline as February 15 and the topics as follows:


Division I:  Pater Materque Familias

            Division II:  Diem Obiit:  Death in Ancient Rome

            Division III:  Oro Vos Faciatis:  Campaigning in Ancient Rome

            Division IV:

                        Vergil: Sunt lacrimae rerum:  Art, Emotion, and Experience in the Aeneid

                        Ovid:  Non ego sum pastor:  Apollo’s plea to Daphne

                        Lyric:  “Mens avet vagary” –“Recondita quies”:  Rest and Restlessness in

 Catullus’ Carmina


John Miller, Director of the Latin Essay Contest, announced the deadline as April 1 and the topics are as follows:

            First Year Latin:  De illa regina Aegyptia Cleopatra

            Second Year Latin:  De servis in familia Romana

            Advanced Latin:  De ludis publicis antiquis


Introductions of new CAV members were made.  High school teachers  were from Fairfax County, Augusta County, Charlottesville, Hanover, and Roanoke.  There were several classicists from VA Tech who were introduced by Andy Becker.


Announcements were made as follows:


Lianne Houghtalin, CAMWS VP, announced that CAMWS-SS is meeting in Ashville in November, and CAMWS April 2-4, 2009, in Minneapolis.  Deadline for abstracts is 9/25.  CAMWS is conducting a survey of classics programs; the form will be in the next newsletter.  CAMWS offers free membership for a year to newcomers. 


The Third Annual Latin Immersion Weekend will be October 17-19.  There were 39 registrants for 30 spots. 


Greg Daugherty announced the plans for the Centennial of CAV.   CAMWS-SS will meet  in Richmond in October, 2010.  There will be a banquet  as the inaugural activity for the centennial at the Omni Hotel.  CAV members can honor teachers by contributing $100 in their name to the CAV ;this money will support the centennial activities.


Greg sends out e-mails of a classical nature.  If you would like to be on his list send an e-

mail to him at


Amy Petersen, VJCL co-chair, announced the convention is Nov 23-24 in Richmond.  Info can be found at  NJCL will be at UC Davis July 27-Aug 1, 2009.  At this summer’s convention at Miami University, Virginia won the spirit award for the sixth year in a row; the advanced level certamen team won the national championship.


Sally Davis announced that she will again offer a 2 week intensive methods course at UVA during first 2 weeks of August, 2009.


Janice Siegel, CAMWS CPL committee, encouraged the membership to apply for funding for promotional activities.  She has created an audio-visual data base, a collection of av resources reference materials, image data bases, links to websites.  There are about 5000 images.  They can be found at .


Amy Cohen announced that Electra opens October 10 at Randolph College.  Dr. Cohen will be the keynote speaker at VJCL in November.


Mark Keith, Co-Chairman of the National Latin Exam, announced that Massachusetts has surpassed Virginia in NLE participation.  Horribile auditu!


Jon Mikalson announced that the Placement Service had 12 positions and 12 applicants.


Patty Lister announced Medusa Mythology Exam theme for 2009 is Adventures on the High Seas (Jason, Aeneas, Theseus).


Michael Posey announced that the Excellence Through the Classics myth exam’s theme is on Jason and the Argonauts and the Exploratory Latin Exam’s theme is Noble Women of Rome. (


FLAVA will be October 31-November 1 in Richmond.  There will be 5 presentations for Latin teachers and Greg Daugherty will speak at the luncheon.


CAV spring meeting will be May 2, 2009 at Hampden-Sydney College.


Following a short break Professor Eric Casey of Sweet Briar College gave a talk entitled “Imagination on Fire: Burning Books and Ancient Libraries.”


A prepaid luncheon buffet was served in the Commonwealth Room.


Following lunch, Kevin Perry, Director of the Governor’s Latin Academy, addressed the gathering with “Non Scholae sed Vitae Didicimus:  Gubernatoris Latina Academia MMVIII.”


Professor Jane Crawford, University of Virginia, delivered a talk on “ ‘Those Pearls of Italy, My Little Houses in the Country’:  Cicero and his Villas.”


All were invited to a reception hosted by the University of Virginia Department of Classics at their offices on the lower level of Cocke Hill.


Laurie made one final announcement that James Madison Univerisity intends to add a Latin minor to its diploma options.  Mirabile auditu!


The meeting adjourned at 3:40.


Respectfully submitted,

Linda Sharrard Montross, Secretary