Saturday, May 4, 2007
Minutes of the Business Meeting
Randolph-Macon College

President Greg Daugherty called the meeting to order at 10:10 in Topping Room of Old Chapel.  Following introductions of new attendees, Greg announced that the CAV fall meeting will be on October 20 in Newcomb Hall at the University of Virginia.  FLAVA will be October 12-13 at the Kogor Center in Midlothian.  Sue Robertson will be our official representative to the ACL meeting in Nashville in June.  The spring meeting will be held at the College of William and Mary on May 3, 2008.

Greg asked members to fill out a Member Information sheet which has appeared in the past two newsletters and is now on  the web site.

There will be another Latin Immersion weekend sponsored by the Department of Education.  It must take place before the middle of September, and will most likely be in August.

Secretary Linda Montross did not read the minutes of the fall meeting as they will be posted on the website. 

Treasurer Max Meador gave his report.  The current balance is $16,687.18. The report is attached to these minutes.  The treasurerís report was approved as presented.

Sue Robertson gave the Nominating Committee Report.  She thanked Glen Bugh and Cary Vandervelde for serving as Members-at-Large the past two years.  The new Members-at-Large will be Ian Hochberg, St. Stephens-St.Agnes School in Alexandria,  and Janet Siegel, Hampden-Sydney College.

Vice President Laurie Covington thanked the members of the Awards Committee for serving this year.  Kevin Gushman and her committee of Marianthe Colakis and Judy Wright, announced that this yearís Angela Lloyd Book Award honoree is Mark Kieth.

Kevin Perry announced that the recipient of the Wayne Wray Student Scholarship Award is Kevin Jefferson, a student at Park View High School in Loudon County.  Kevin received both a plaque and a monetary award.

Vanessa Zeiner presented The Lurlene Walker Todd Latin Teacher Award to Professor Andrew Becker of Virginia Tech.

Professor Arthur Stocker announced the winners of the Latin Essay Contest.  The results are attached to these minutes.  Entries were received from seven schools.

Patrick Bradley announced the winners of the Classical Essay Contest.  The results are attached to these minutes.

Susan Schearer thanked the many people who helped her on this yearís  Tournament.  The results are attached to these minutes.  

Jane Hall, Chairman of the National Latin Exam Commttee,  held a raffle in which she gave away a Forum Romanum book and cd.  

Sally Davis announced the Amy High Event in Alexandria on Saturday, May 12. 

Greg gave Jon Mikalsonís Placement Director report.  There are currently 6 applications.  There are also jobs available at The Covenant School and Princess Ann High School.

Kevin Perry announced that this will be the 20th year of the Latin Academy, and it will be held again at VCU in Richmond.

Amy Peterson announced that NJCL forms and fees are due by May 15.  The convention will be the last week in July.

We held a moment of silence in memory of David Cox, former Foreign Language Supervisor for the state.

The morningís lecture was presented by Dr. Peter Schertz, Curator of Ancient Art, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

After a prepaid luncheon served in the Trustees Room of Estes Dining Hall, we heard papers presented by Janice Siegel, Hampden-Sydney College, and Jack Trammell, Randolph-Macon College. 

A reception was held in the Franklin Room of Washington-Franklin Hall.

Respectfully submitted,
Linda Sharrard Montross










Respectfully submitted,


Linda S. Montross