Classical Association of Virginia
Minutes of the Business Meeting
Saturday, May 6, 2006
Midlothian High School

The meeting was called to order at 9:39 by President Sue Robertson.  The Agenda is attached to these minutes.

In her welcome Sue explained the selection process for CAV meetings, i.e., that the Fall CAV meeting is traditionally held at UVA, and the Spring Meeting moves around the state.  The outgoing president usually hosts the final meeting of the presidency.  Today’s speakers represent places important to Sue.

A moment of silence was held in memory of Deborah Mason, Ruth Williamson and Deborah Kiestner.

It was moved and seconded to suspend the reading of the minutes from the Fall meeting.  (Because of the death of Deborah Mason, those minutes have not surfaced.)

In the absence of Max Meador, Cheryl Ryan gave the treasurer’s report.  The treasurer’s report was approved as read.  The report is attached to these minutes.

John Miller gave the Nomination Committee’s report as follows:

President                     Greg Daugherty

Vice President              Laurie Covington

Secretary                      Linda Montross

Treasurer                      Max Meador

Introductions of first time attendees were made.  In the gathering were both daughters of Graves Thompson. 

Announcements were made as follows:

    There is an IMAX show “Greeks and Secrets of the Past” at the Virginia Science Museum of Virginia

    Mark Kieth reported that NLE had 149,000+ participants from all 50 states and 14 foreign countries.  Massachusetts is first, Virginia second, and North             Carolina third in participation.

     Mark also reported that info for the CAV website should be given to him.

    Sally Davis reported on Amy High Day in Alexandria on May 13.

    Greg Daugherty reported that Saturday Seminar at Randolph Macon College will be the first Saturday in December.

    FLAVA will be October 14-15, and Sue requested that CAV members make presentations.  It will be held at the Holiday Inn, Koger Center in Midlothian.

    Jon Mikalson reported on the CAV Placement Service.  There are currently 17 applicants and 8 available jobs.

    John Miller announced that he is teaching a class this summer in Northern Virginia on Teaching Latin Poetry.  It is open to anyone interested.

    The date for the fall meeting will be September 30 at UVA.

    Laurie Covington announced that the Angela Lloyd Book Award recipient is Marianthe Colakis. 

    Julie Ann Herrick announced that the recipient of the Wayne W. Wray CAV Student Scholarship is Hunter Hedrick, a student of Sue Robertson’s at Midlothian High School.

    Greg Daugherty announced that the Lurlene W. Todd Teacher of the Year Award recipient is Deborah Mason.  Clay Stanley, principal of Alta Vista High School, accepted the check for $500 which will be added to the already $8000 which has been collected in Deborah’s memory.

    Professor Arthur Stocker announced that there were 58 entries from 15 different schools, an immense increase over 2005.    The winners of this competition are attached to these minutes.

    Patrick Bradley announced the winners of the Classical Essay contest.  This tournament also had an increase in participation.  There were 17 schools and 243 total entries.  The results are attached to these minutes.

    Susan Shearer announced the results of the Latin Tournament.  993 students from 37 schools participated in the exam.  The results are attached to these minutes.

    The morning’s speaker was Margaret Hicks, Latin teacher at Lloyd C. Bird High School.  Her topic was “Vitrum Romanum:  A Pane in the Glass”

    Pre-paid Luncheon was served at Crab Louie’s Seafood Tavern.

The meeting reconvened at 1:30.  Sue passed the gavel on to Greg.  The afternoon’s speakers were Julie Laskaris, University of Richmond, with the topic “Drugs Without Borders” and James Arietti, Hampden-Sydney College, on “Achilles, the Inventor of Western Values.”

The meeting adjourned at 3:15, with a reception following in the Midolothian cafeteria, hosted by the MHS Latin Department.

Respectfully submitted,
Linda S. Montross
Interim Secretary

Attachments:  CAV Spring Meeting Agenda

                                    Results of Latin Essay Contest

                                    Results of Classical Essay Contest