Saturday, May 3, 2008

Minutes of the Business Meeting

College of William and Mary

Phi Beta Kappa Building…Dodge Hall


President Greg Daugherty called the meeting to order at 10:14.  He introduced Provost P. Geoffrey Feiss who welcomed us to the William & Mary campus. 


Linda Wagstaff moved, and Meghan Robertson seconded, to dispense with the reading of the minutes as they are posted on the CAV website.    


Treasurer Max Meador gave his report which is attached to these minutes.  The total balance of all accounts is $17,002.33.


Past President Sue Robertson as Chair of the Nominating Committee presented the following slate for election:


            President…Laurie Covington, Flint Hill School, Oakton, VA

            Vice President…Andy Becker, Virginia Tech

            Secretary…Linda Montross, retired

            Treasurer…Max Meador, Virginia Episcopal School


The election was unanimous.


Laurie Covington, Chair of Contests and Awards, announced that Susan Schearer has resigned as Tournament Director.  Ian Hochberg has graciously accepted this challenging position.


Mark Keith, in lieu of Chair Kevin Gushman, made the Angela Lloyd Book Award presentation announcing Flint Hill School’s Howard Chang as the 2008 recipient.  He received a copy of Classical Mythology by Morford/Lenardon.


Kevin Perry announced the Wayne W. Wray Student Scholarship winner Imran Husain from Park View HS in Loudoun County. 


Vanessa Zeiner presented the Lurlene W. Todd Teacher of the Year Award to Dr. Amy R. Cohen of Randolph College in Lynchburg. 


John Miller presented the awards for the Latin Essay Contest.  The list of winners is attached to these minutes.


Patrick Bradley announced the winners of the Classical Essay Contest.  The list of winners is attached to these minutes.


With Susan Schearer’s absence Kathy Smerke announced all the winners of the Latin Tournament.  The list is attached to these minutes.


Greg thanked all the committee chairs for their hard work.  He thanked Arthur Stocker, Susan Schearer, and Cheryl Ryan for their past service to CAV.


Greg made announcements as follows:


Cathy Daugherty will be the newsletter editor.  There will be three editions: May/June,  August, and Winter.  The newsletter will be printed by Farmville Printing which submitted the best bid.  There will be an effort to get the mailing list and membership list in order for the new printer.


2010-2011 will be the celebratory year for CAV’s 100th anniversary.  The Centennial Ad Hoc Committee is Wayne Tucker, Cathy Daugherty, Greg Daugherty, Vanessa Zeiner, Elizabeth Vaughan, and Leann Grassle.


CAMWS-SS will meet during our centennial year, and the University of Richmond will be the host.


Kevin Perry announced that on July 12 at VCU there will be a performance of a Plautine play during Latin Academy.


The Amy High Latin Scholarship event on May 10 will include gladiators, a catapult, a petting zoo, and food.  Brian Kane, Latin teacher at Marshall HS, is this year’s recipient.


Georgia Irby-Massie reminded the membership that CAMWS funding is available.  Liane R. Houghtalin will be our new CAMWS Vice President.


Mark Keith announced the new Latin III exam of the National Latin Exam.


Any announcements for the CAV website should be sent to Mark Keith.


On October 10-12 Sophocles’ Electra will be performed at Randolph College in Lynchburg.


There will once again be a state-sponsored Latin Immersion program for K-12.  There will not be a  stipend, but teachers will be compensated for their hotel and food costs.   Liane Houghtalin will chair this event. 


Jon Mikalson asked Greg to announce that there had been 4 jobs in the state for the ten applicants who asked for information from the Placement Bureau.


Greg presented the gavel to Laurie who announced that next year’s meetings will be at UVA on September 20, and May 2 at Hampden-Sidney College. 


Laurie presented a gift to Greg on behalf of the CAV.


We adjourned to Anderson Hall for Rebecca Benefiel’s(Washington and Lee University) talk “The Writing on the Wall:  Grafitti and Popular Culture in Ancient Pompeii”

After a prepaid luncheon in Dodge Room, we heard Fred Franko (Hollins University) speak on “From Plautus’ Menaechmi to Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors: Romantic Rome and Restive Ephesus” followed by Jeffrey Becker (College of William and Mary) speaking on “Urbanism, Architecture, and the Roman Conquest of Italy.” 


Following our meeting, a reception  was held at the home of Professor Barbette Spaeth.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:35.


Respectfully submitted,


Linda Sharrard Montross