Also starting in 2019, the Classical Association of Virginia will be recognizing select institutions as “CAV Star Institutions.” In order to qualify, a school or institution must have 100% membership in the CAV
for its full-time faculty and at least 80% membership for its part-time faculty. All CAV Star Institutions will be listed in the Summer 2019 newsletter. Yes, that does mean that if you are the sole representative of
Classics at your school and you are a member of the CAV, then your school qualifies to be a CAV Star Institution. Recognition as a CAV Star Institution is free, but to be recognized, someone at the institution
must fill out and return the form that appears in this newsletter by May 1st . We hope that such recognition will help in your attempts to publicize and foster Classics at your school. Please join us at what is sure to be a fun and useful CAV Spring Meeting (May 4th at Randolph-Macon College in Ashland—see the agenda and registration form in this issue). The meeting will be devoted to honoring the American Classical League as it turns 100. All of the presentations will offer useful ideas for you to take back to the classroom, and the closing reception will feature birthday cake and prizes. My elementary Latin students read in the first chapter of
Wheelock’s Latin that Latina est gaudium—et utilis, so let us bring that same attitude to our spring meeting. 

Ex animo,
Liane Houghtalin

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