Spring has arrived, the weather is nice, and it is time to get our happy feet moving. Whether you wander close to home or have plans to visit (or revisit) places ancient or modern, now is the time to venture out and enjoy the world. Dare to explore!

 Attending to matters close to home, though, we need to address the issue of keeping the Latin programs alive and growing not only in Virginia but across the country. There is a very real shortage of qualified Latin teachers for our high schools, middle schools, and even elementary schools. Even though it is cliché, we must admit that our best defense is a good offense. If you teach a student who would make a fine teacher, approach him or her and offer the suggestion. Too often we leave matters to themselves and let the student find his or her own path, but being encouraged by a professor or teacher can make all the difference. I speak from experience when a professor in college mentioned in passing that I would make a fine teacher… and the rest is history!

 Please consider joining us for the Spring Meeting of the Classical Association of Virginia on Saturday, May 6. We will be meeting on the campus of Christopher Newport University in Newport News, a part of the state CAV has not visited in quite some time. I am excited to announce that we will be presenting scholarships and awards to our deserving students and hear pedagogical, geographical, and archeological presentations from our very own Nora Kelley, Elizabeth Fisher, and Bartolo Natoli. In keeping with what has become a fun (and at times a competitive in a friendly way) tradition, you won’t want to miss the Silent Auction! Make plans now to attend and convince a colleague to ride along! There is always room for more at one of the premier meetings for classics professionals in Virginia!

 Finally, save the date, Saturday, September 30, for the Fall Meeting of CAV on the grounds of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.

 I hope to see you soon in Newport News!

Curate ut valeatis!

      Mark Keith

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